Saturday, October 4, 2014

Do you have bad days?

Recently, a student from our church asked to speak with me. The student asked if I had bad days. I was a bit taken back and smiled  "Absolutely." I said.  She stated that she has seen me at church and outside of church and no matter where she sees me I am the same.  She wondered if like most women I get irritated and bothered. At this point I am amazed. See what she didn't know is at her age I was mad at the world. I wanted others to know the pain I felt. I was sad all the time and my self esteem was low. I fought everything and everybody. I explained to her each of us that God allows to wake up have a choice to be happy or not. We can smile through it all or be mad. I choose to smile....I try to Count it all joy.

I cried going home because something that I thought everyone could see God had removed. For a long time,  I thought that hurt and angry girl was still a part of me.

The bible says...

 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things become new.

I told her that the question blessed me. God used a child to show me the work he has done in me and the work he still has to do.

WE sometimes are still holding on to a past God has already changed in us.

XOXO A. Best

Stress Separation

I have learned, I have to separate myself from things. It is very easy for me to take on the stress of someone else as they talk. My heart is heavy and I start to feel their pain. For this fact at times I must remove myself from overly dramatic people. It is not because I don't love them but it becomes overwhelming. Knowing when to remove myself allows me room to breath. Releasing the stress allows me to think clearly. It is really hard to hear through chaos. Chaos in situations and in the mind are dangerous. A continuous renewing of my mind through prayer & meditation clears the way for me to think clearer. For me to clearly hear the Holy Spirit I must be quiet. I am learning to close my mouth and open my ears & heart.

XOXO A. Best


This song takes me to a beautiful place of worship.

"If pride is my prison then grace be my key."
My favorite line. Listen below.
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